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Silence by Noell S. Oszvald

Gorgeous powerful photograph.

This image immediately reminded me of the last line in Alejandro Casona’s play Trees die standing tall (english for Los arboles mueren de pie) which goes something like this:

They won’t see me fallen. Dead inside, but standing, like a tree.

Keeping a positive attitude is one my life’s goals, but I have to admit that sometimes it just gets hard and I feel like the woman in the photograph and the woman who says that last line in the play.

This image is for those days. It tells me: Hang in there. Don’t fall. Let the season change. This too shall pass. Stand tall….like the tree.

And you, what do you see?

Image Credit:
Artist: Noell Oszvald (Hungary)
15 de Agosto 2012.
BW Photograph