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Mrs. Gump always said:

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

What a wise lady.

You know what? The blogosphere is like a box of chocolates too. Only on WordPress.com there are 68 Million blogs!! And if you count the millions there must be on Blogger, tumblr and all the other blog platforms there are, that’s some gigantic box of chocolates.

I was wondering, in that vast sea of blogs, where everyone wants to be or tries to be unique and fantastic, there must be infinite content for people to blog about.

So I decided to do a search of blogs about the first thing that came to mind and share my discoveries with you all.

Todays topic is: SPOONS.

Yeap, my mind works in mysterious ways, and when I asked her to think of a subject she came up with spoons. And I enjoyed this search. Here are my results:



The Spoon and Sprocket – A blog about jewerly made out of spoons. Yes, you read correctly, spoon jewerly: Vintage Sterling Silver handmade spoon rings and pendants. Check them out, I’m sure you will find their craft unique and impressive.

I’m swoon by this one! want want want

Spooning – A blog about handmade wooden spoons. He does not only make the wooden spoons, but also offers you carving workshops (in the UK) so you can learn all the carving techniques to make your own wooden spoons.

Spoon Carving – The blog’s name says it all. A countryman who is honored to share his adventures in wooden spoon carving to what he hopes will be the next generation of outdoorsmen, craftsmen & women.

Jar of Wood – Who says carving spoons is only for men? Rita Hjelle is passionate about her hobby, and shares all about it on her blog. Check out her gallery of spoons. Those are fantastic pieces that I could see on fancy schmancy kitchenware stores! She’s one talented crafty lady!

So you see boys and girls, it is a box of chocolates! That is what I like about blogging!

On today’s seach I learned to see spoons with other eyes. They are not just lifeless objects that help you get food into your mouth. They can also be artistic works of fine craftmanship & “craftwomanship”. 😉

Can’t wait to see where my next search will take me!

Note: There are many blogs that have the word spoon in their names, but they use it as a symbol of  food. They don’t blog about spoons, so that disqualified them for the purpose of my search. (what a scientific disclosure I might add ha ha ha)