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Taiwanese artist, Long-Bin Chen uses all his creative genius to make artful masterpieces from the most unusual material: old books/phone books/magazines/newspapers/paper. He’s a self-taught wood-carver that has mastered the art of creating beautiful sculptures, with which he adds renewed value to paper, in a time where computers have come to replace it.

He has exhibited his work in important museums and galleries all around the globe from Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany and the US to name a few. Winner of many awards, Long-Bin Chen’s work is a sight worth seeing…an Oasis.

Long-Bin Chen Sculpture made from Carved Books 03 Bloggeretterized Bookface Mercy 2011

“Bookface Mercy” 2001. Images via http://frederieketaylorgallery.com

Certainly after these photographs, you’ll think again before throwing to the garbage those useless old books and/or magazines you have hanging around the house.