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Blenda Tyvoll’s work is magical. I don’t remember where I found her but I’m glad I did. Her work is really an Oasis for my eyes and soul.

I like and need color in my life. Her work is full of color. Color that she got from travelling all over the world while growing up. Living in a small cut flower and Christmas tree farm in the rural countryside near Portland, Oregon, her work has to be inspired by the nature that surrounds her. Her work is a mixture of texture, color and wonderful nature inspired images that seem to be out of a fantastic magical world.

I really enjoy her trees. They move my imagination to peaceful, happy, magical places. She was featured in BHG Country Gardens Magazine – Summer 2012 Edition where she said that her “trees really speak to people“. And yes they do. To me they do. Another detail that you cannot miss from her trees are the little birdies on the branches. She sees them as a “metaphor for family, love and freedom” and I think she couldn’t have said it better.

So without further a do, submerge yourself in my latest Oasis…

Lexicon Tree

Boughs in a Leaf

Red Birds Tree

Patterned Sky Tree

Twilight Tree

New Moon Tree

Feathered Friends

Live in the Sunshine

Tree of life in Yellow

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