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I don’t get the MET Galas fashion themes. This year’s theme: Punk Chaos to Couture made them look like they were going to some sort of Halloween Party in Spring! Well…they always look halloween-ish at that event! ha ha ha Anyway, I have here two comparisons for your critical pleasure. What do you think?

Evidence A: Anne in Valentino, Miley in Marc Jacobs.

I feel that these two ladies aren’t bringing anything new to the Red Carpet table. Don’t they remind you of Brigitte Nielsen and Sharon Stone? (Gosh I’m old enough to be reminded of Brigitte Nielsen ha ha ha) But OK, let’s pretend they don’t remind us of anyone else’s look, let’s see what we can say about them.


  • Do Anne’s hair. It is punk-ish enough and glamorous enough.
  • Do Anne’s makeup. Again it’s punk-ish enough with the strong eyes and glamorous enough with the soft lips.
  • Do Miley’s nails. Anne’s were too short. Miley’s gold nails look fierce and elegant. And the length looks better.
  • Do the statement rings. They both got it just fine.
  • Do photograph yourself with THE designer of your dress! Ciao Signor Valentino. BIG BROWNIE POINTS FOR THIS!


  • Don’t do Miley‘s hair. How can that be flattering? She tried to go for the Morticia Adams look but I think her stylist went all Fido Dido on her.
  • Don’t do Miley’s makeup. She went on the contrary soft-ish eyes and bold lips, but there’s something about her lips in that bright red, they don’t look flattering. Smiling and not smiling, they don’t look good. She had enough going on with her hair to try to add another pop out detail on her head.
  • Stay off the side boob. I know it’s Valentino, but side boobs are not flattering and are prone to so many wardrobe malfunctions. Sorry Anne but it’s true.
  • Fishnet is punk..yes, but Miley’s dress isn’t punk-ish enough, not for her age group.

Hmmm just a thought what if we could put Anne’s head on Miley’s body? That would interesting.

Final Words: Anne managed to go from Chaos to Couture. Miley……ah Miley she is Chaos and doesn’t seem to want to get out of it.

Evidence B: THE ONE AND ONLY ANNA WINTOUR in Chanel. The woman Kanye got pregnant.

I’m not going to get too much into this one just for the fact that there’s a pregnant woman in this one.

So only for the sake of that innocent child I can only say this:

There is only ONE Anna Wintour. That is a law. If you copy her, you might end up looking like an Easter egg on steroids. There I said it. Toodles my loves! 🙂