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The world-wide web is a vast universe full of these.

In the spirit of Sharing is Caring, I share my finds with you all.

Check them out.

Hopefully you’ll find, that these are:


Image via GettyCosmetics and Expiry dates is one of my most popular posts of all times. So to all of those who come searching info on cosmetics I thought you would enjoy reading this find.

BB, CC, DD, say what? No were not talking bra sizes. This is good stuff you put on your face.

When did face creams get their double letters? What are they for? And when should you use them? The lovely people from Fashionista.com answer these and other doubts in this wonderful post. Hope you find it useful too.

Image via Birchbox.comFollowing the spirit of letters…D is for Detox. Tammy Walker guest blogs on Birchbox.com to let us all know the importance of a spring detox.

Read here about 3 lovely green foods that will do your kidneys, liver, colon and your whole body good.


Surfing the web I found this link to the Top 20 Most Beautiful Living spaces according to the people of Ultrahome.org.

I could wake up everyday to the sights of Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia. The architecture, the color scheme, that view!!!! That is definitely a place for me! 🙂

If you could live in any of these spaces which would you choose?

Erica, from Honestly…WTF, gets crafty to show us how to get the fabulous Embroidered Glasses, like the ones the fabulous designer Ulyana Sergeenko showed in her Spring 2013 collection.

Get your crafty little self busy with this tutorial to get those fab sunglasses ready for spring! 🙂

Marc and Angel have a fantastic way of coming up with lists that make you think, make you wonder, and hopefully make you make changes for the best.

This one gets your mind in the right direction. How many times have you thought you’re crazy? You are not! Thinking is not being it.

If you want to really go crazy, read the 8 ways to do it. 😀