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The world wide web is a vast universe full of these.

In the spirit of Sharing is Caring, I share my finds with you all.

Check them out.

Hopefully you’ll find, that these are:

Image via Weighty Winds @FlickrI don’t instagram. Not a Murderer nor a Fauxtographer. 🙂 Kudos to whoever came up with the term!

IMHO, Instagramming is just for fun.

Instagramming is not an art nor a science. Photography is both.

Image via SoirArt

Not your regular ABC’s.

26 letters loaded with estrogen.

Check it out.


Say what? Words with no letters? Is that possible? Yes it is.

We’ve all used them at some point. And if you haven’t, believe me, you will use at least one of them after reading this.

A Good Read!

For all the Google Readers out there, don’t fear!

This post has the alternatives that will solve your mourning reader woes.


  • How to not lose the tv remote control

    I lost my TV remote control this week. While on the verge of a major freak out, I searched for it, for what seemed like an eternity (a couple of hours)!! ha ha ha.

After finding the remote*, I really considered buying this remote control locator. Anyone knows if this works? Can this possibly be a Good Find?

*(on top of the armoire out in the hallway, beside my bedroom door)