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Can’t say I’m a workout addict, but I try to workout on a Monday to Friday basis. I’ve been changing my workout routines pretty much every six weeks, for the sole reason that in that time frame I feel like my body gets used to the moves, so I change them. It has worked out for me. But I don’t know if that’s the way to do it.

Did you see Jane Fonda at the 85th Academy Awards (Oscar’s) last night?

The woman looks amazing. I take my hats off to her trainer (and plastic surgeon ha ha ha). She looked spectacular in that yellow Versace dress. Her body looked nothing like a normal 75-year-old woman’s body. There’s so much plastic surgery can do to your body. But to maintain that you have to workout on a regular basis. So I wonder, Jane Fonda, how often do you change your workouts?

What’s your secret Jane Fonda? If you told me you wrap yourself in whatever animal poo and get massages or treatments with weird oils or cosmetics, I’d do it! ha ha ha

Or could it be that she has stuck to her videos? If so, we (all women of the world) need to get them.

image Via Stamfordadvocate.com