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I recently shared with you all, an image from Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov. It’s a captivating, fascinating image from a series of his called Weird Beauty, that I couldn’t not share with you.

He brilliantly used the female face as a canvas for different graphics that you wouldn’t normally put on your face. The black and white make-up by russian make-up artist Valeryia Kutsan creates mesmerizing effects on the female faces, some are almost 3D-ish. (Check out the backstage pics here.)

I am blown away by these photographs. Underneath the black and white make-up there are beautiful faces. These are beautiful women. Don’t know if this makes sense to you but it does for me: beauty can be weirdly beautiful.

There are 15 fantastic images in this series. Here are my 8 favorite. I couldn’t just pick one. So without further a do, submerge yourself in this Oasis.

Silhouette / I can’t stop liking this image. It’s fascinating.

Pulse / The contrast between the pulse line and her eyes is fantastic.

Ball 8 / If the magic 8 ball were a person she would look like this.

Keyhole/ If you stare into her eye, you can see what’s behind the keyhole.

Laces / Her face expression is great. It’s how women who hated corsets felt like.

Shadow / Can you figure out what her shadow looks like?

Hypnose / Look into her eyes…..

weird beauty series

Click the image to see the complete set of the Weird Beauty series.

Images via molempire.com and aestheticknick.com