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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVISomeone once told me: “Keep it safe. Don’t mess with politics and/or religion“. Good advice. But this time I couldn’t help myself.

I, like everyone else woke up yesterday to the weird news of Pope Benedict XVI’s abdication. I find it fascinating how even though there are different creeds all around the world, it was the only thing everyone was talking about regardless of their religion.

This man’s importance and his decisions really do affect and have an effect (good or bad) on the whole world.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about this man’s decision.

This man is admirable. Many would pay to have this man’s guts!

I object those who talk about him in past tense. The guy is not dead. He IS STILL THE POPE. He just gave his notice and it happened to be a matter of world-wide interest.

I object those who criticize his decision. Who are we to even dare question it? It is rather naïve to think that he just woke up, went to his meeting and said “you know guys, I’m sorta tired. So I quit. After feb 28: Adios amigos!” Come on! I’m more than sure that this decision comes from a deep and profound discernment. This decision comes after a lot of praying. I’m sure this admirable man thought of each and every single consequence that this decision might bring. He wouldn’t have dared take this decision if he wasn’t sure that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. He’s not a nut job or a lazy nothing. This man IS THE POPE.

I object those who are fascinated with the search of abstract and sort of hidden meanings of this decision. People who are obsessed with supernatural happenings, prophecies and urban fantasies. Instead of focusing their thoughts with things that don’t do anything but take away their peace, they should focus in keeping and strengthening their inner peace by praying, meditating, levitating or whatever pops their fancies. People should pray for this man so that he may finish his service without any bumps on the road.

Remember when Pope John Paull II was in the last days of his pontificate? Many believed he didn’t have the physical or mental abilities to keep up the good work in his job. Many criticized de church, instead of praising these man’s unbelievable strength and sense of responsibility, they considered him a blab of flesh that shouldn’t be even coming out in public. (I know it sounds harsh but we must admit that many thought that.)

Pope John Paul II set the bar higher for the next Popes. Being a Pope is not only about staying in Rome, writing encyclicals and giving Mass. It requires them to be present to all the followers in the world. If a “simple” thing like travelling is difficult nowadays for a healthy 80+ year old, imagine how much more difficult it is for the Popes. These men don’t travel for leisure, they travel and must fulfill a busy and complicated schedule. They just don’t deal with jet lag, they must also deal with a ton of other symptoms regarding the illnesses they suffer. This makes their work a lot more difficult.

Many have criticized the Holy Mother Church by saying that it should keep up with modern times. Well, now that Pope Benedict XVI has done that by admitting that his job requires not only mental but physical strength and that he won’t be able to make it, why does it cause such a turmoil or chaos? (At least he’s not making a show like the Venezuelan monkey that even in his comatose state doesn’t seem to let go of the impossible.)

I admire Pope Benedict XVI. It was a hell of a difficult decision and he had the courage and serenity to make it. Whatever it is this decision might bring is all up to God. Who are we to be judging these matters? We are only simply mortals that should focus on doing good deeds in the world and preparing ourselves for when our time comes.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for teaching us great lessons of Faith in these modern times.

(p.s. If this post makes you want to discuss something, let’s keep it nice and civil. I don’t think that’s much to ask.)