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The moment you find an image on the web and you can’t stop thinking about it.

Do you know what I mean?

I don’t mean to scandalize the psychiatric community here by taking the famous inkblot test lightly or diminish it with the title of my post. I don’t intend this to be a psychoanalytic post. It’s just that I ever so often stumble upon what I think are captivating images and keep coming back to look at them. They evoke many different thoughts. Sort of a Rorschach testMy way! So I thought, why not share them with you?

This week’s image:

Without being a photography expert I like the contrast between light, shadows and darkness. The pop of colors and the many shades of them. Pinks. Blues. Purples. Grays. Whites. The prints in her outfit are beautiful. The richness of the culture it evokes.

What’s the story behind this woman? I see a woman attached to her past, resisting to face the bright future that is knocking at her door. All she has to do is turn around, look at the light and go. What’s holding her back? Passion? Love? Fear?

I can also see a total different story. A strong, independent woman, leaving her naïve ideals behind, ready to face whatever life presents her with. She doesn’t need to look back, not even for impulse. Bring it!

Have I been reading too much romance novels? ha ha ha

And now I turn to you, what do you see?

Image Credits:
Vogue Korea June 2010 Issue
Editorial: “Fadeless Flowers”
Photographer: Hyea W. Kang
Model: Lee Hyun Yi
Fashion Editor: Lee Ji Ah
Hair: Lee Hye Young
Makeup: Choi Si No