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I’ve been blogging for a year, sharing my thoughts with you all. But the thing is: who do I write them for? You guys? me? both?

I decided today’s post had to have a special recipient. So here I go:

Dear me:

You know how you always said all those actors/actresses/award winners sound fake when they say they “feel so blessed”? Well…touché! Who would’ve guessed that you would be in that position now?

I am writing to ask you to always remember how blessed you feel at this day and age. Coming to think of it, more than blessed, never forget that you are and feel THANKFUL.

You are a faithful woman. Your faith grows stronger everyday and is what keeps you going. Your prayers have been listened and are listened, even when you feel like they are not. Thank you God!

You have been blessed with a mother and a father who love, support and cherish you no matter what. You are a good daughter. You are doing a wonderful job at it. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a little credit on that! 😉

You had a fantastic childhood. Never forget your dreams and childhood thoughts. Keep that happy, naïve, sweet, demure, playful, curly, Strawberry Shortcake* little girl you were, in your heart always. For she is the one who keeps you young at heart and the one who will help you get through the hard times that may or may not come.

You have lived a wonderful life, with ups and downs like everyone else. You are thankful for all the happy memories and all your accomplishments, big and small.

You are thankful for your mistakes. Without them you wouldn’t have learned the lessons that have taken you to this thankful state of mind.

You are also thankful for all the hard dark times. Not that you joined a cult or something like that but you know, you’ve had your days of woes, tears, heartbreak, solitude and sorrows. Never regret those days. You are thankful for them. Try to teach everyone you meet this lesson of being thankful for the bad times. The “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” philosophy works.

You are thankful life didn’t go the way you planned it 10,15, 20 years ago. The unexpected turn of events have made your book more enjoyable.

You are not perfect! You are thankful for the numerous imperfections that make you who you are.

You are alive and thankful for that!

Dear me, feel free to come back and read these lines whenever you feel like it, so you don’t forget.

yours truly. 😉

p.s. Dear lovely readers….I hope reading this post helps you as much as I know it will help me.


*The 80’s version…the original one 😉