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I know, I know….who freaking cares? I actually don’t care. But today I retweeted something from @autocorrects and it made me wonder! ha ha ha 😀

Funny Tweets@autocorrects

I think it’s about time Taylor Swift wrote a song and called it “Maybe I am The Problem”.

Ok so this girl is 22? 23? She’s written how many albums? 4? 5? Each album has an average 10 songs.  Her songs are mostly about the lousy douchebags she keeps breaking up with. Or if not all at least half of them are of that kind.

So if my math is not wrong 5 times 10, fifty, and let’s say out of those fifty at least 25 songs are of the bitter breakup type.

25 songs! So? How many guys can she possibly have been with in 23 years? I mean 25 songs? How very “swifty” Miss Taylor! ha ha ha

Oh well….just a random thought.

You can all go to your regular blog reading.