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No, I’m no anthropologist or Indiana Jones wannabe or Mayan expert. I just couldn’t help it and not post about all this craze.

So it’s here, the famously and dreaded by some 13 Baktun is a few hours away. The 13 Bak-watchamacallit?

You can get plenty of info about it if you google or bing it or whatever “search engine” it. Not getting into details here. It’s just that I’ve heard about this for a year and I didn’t pay attention to all the craze. I wasn’t aware when they started the ridiculous “end-of-the-world” craze.

Can someone explain me this world ending obsession? I just don’t get it. Every now and then it happens, people get so utterly obsessed about it. They start freaking out looking for signs of apocalyptic times. I have another question: Who has told people the signs have to be like special effects in big budget movies? Why can’t these signs be sort of normal? Watch this:

An eagle snatches a baby….a HUMAN BEING. I mean there’s no need for spaceships and stars falling from the sky. The fact that an animal decides a human being is a yummy treat in this day and age should be enough to think something’s wrong in the world. ha ha ha 🙂

Anyway, I’m not trying to freak anyone else more than what you might be freaked out. It’s just that even if this “end-of the world” craze was finally legit, I don’t understand why people find the need to freak about doomsday. There’s no need to freak out.

I personally can’t find any relation of the 13 Baktun to the end of the world. The Mayans, yes, they were a great civilization. Their scientific contributions to humanity are priceless. Yes, they had crazy Gods and beliefs but I can’t think of them as thinking they could predict when the world could end. I don’t even think they thought they were going to be almost extinct in 2012 as they are. (Almost extinct because of the indigenous groups still living in Guatemala and Central America.)  I personally agree with the following image:

I mean look at the stone! It’s round. It has no beginning or end. No, it’s not the end of the world. I just the end and the beginning. Our modern world doesn’t end every December 31. We end and begin another cycle. That’s the 13 Baktun.

So my lovely readers, let’s all enjoy our “last moments on earth” before the beginning of this new era. I’m glad the Mayans didn’t predict anything for this new era. Let’s all enjoy the beauty of the unknown that our new days will bring. And in the meantime don’t forget to laugh. 🙂

p.s. Just in case this is my last post before the come of doom, let me quote the always wise and sharp Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

p.p.s Quote from “The Plimpton Stimulation” episode (season 3 ep 21) 😉