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I’m not a techie, not a nerd or computer wiz. Hate the stereotypes but they set the picture clear. I’m a normal woman who happens to like gadgets, better said:technology and knows how to get around it. Even my family, they all call me to help them solve/repair/fix their tech woes. And somehow I always could be the hero of the situation without a fuss.

BUT…..2012 happened.

Don’t know if it’s the moon or I’m going through some invisible magnetic warp zone and don’t know it or the mayan calendar ending! Ha ha ha Whatever it is, it’s ruining my tech mojo.

It started with our old router (remember those?). Can’t tell you the infinite times we had no internet and I had to reset that little devilish box. It worked at its own will. We got rid of it. But still every once in a while the ‘Ghost of our past router’ possesses the new one and you know…have to go through the resetting drill.

Then my old Pentium II desktop computer (yes, I still used it, it was a super computer back in college 😛 and it still worked! ). We moved. I set it up in our new house and guess what? It was dead. Got stuck with an old heavy monitor that works and a dead CPU.

That also means that my scanner is useless since it is not USB connected. No it’s not, you might say. You are right. I scanned the web for a 30 pins parallel to USB cable. Even bought one, only to realize it only works with printers not with this scanner.

Then comes my laptop. No matter how many external storage devices I get (USB data drives and an external hard drive) it’s slower than a turtle on slow motion, it keeps crashing, freezing, blue screening at its own will. The low memory warning is a permanent.

Our printer cartridges. Everyone refills their printer cartridges. Why shouldn’t I? Well…because they either clog up or simply don’t print. All year-long I’ve had printing problems. And don’t forget how the printer jams and simply won’t print whenever I have deadlines.

My phone….cell phone that is. First the battery…it started to plump up. ha ha ha Phone started to warm way too much while charging and the battery went from flat to having a muffin top. It was time to upgrade the phone anyway, so I did. New phone died also. Screen died a couple of times (no I didn’t drop it or get it wet or anything). Actually the screen died, repaired it and then the keyboard died and I repaired it again. But when the screen died the second time I had enough and upgraded the phone again.

Got myself a little android that guess what? Doesn’t work perfectly. Screen crashes when it wants to. App icons go missing and I can’t restore them. I have different ringtones for family calls and regular calls…guess what? Phone decides which ringtone to play. It doesn’t care for my settings. And the apps! Oh Lord! They stop working when they want to. The force close button is a constant. Wallpaper resets itself. Ah you know, the drill.

My iPod. Does anyone of you know that moment when you are peacefully listening to your favorite tunes and then the sound just stops. You look at the screen and it’s supposedly playing a song but your ears don’t hear a thing. You click the iPod’s buttons to make it react and then that dreaded moment when the screen changes and shows you a sad-faced iPod icon. Yeah, even my iPod died on me! (It’s all fixed now, but still it was dead for a while! Ha!)

So for these and other reasons 2012 is the year technology divorced me. I know…I should say that it’s the year I went obsolete. But it all depends on the way you see things. I’m on the half full cup team (you know half full, half empty?) and after a sad divorce, things get better. For starters, I already wrote Santa my letter and have some special requests for him this year. 😉