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Had so much fun doing my moments post that I decided to keep on doing it. 😉

“But that’s the trouble with moments—they end.” ~Narrator”
S. M. Boyce, Lichgates

Even though they end, remembering is a way of reliving them. 😉 Here we go:

The moment  lightning strikes the lightning rod on top of the building in front of your house.

The moment you look at the clock, it’s lunchtime and you realize you haven’t cooked anything yet.

That silent moment when you comfortably yawn like there’s no tomorrow, break everyone’s concentration with the sounds of your long yawning.

The moment when you don’t know if your eyes are open or closed and you could perfectly fall sound asleep standing up.

The moment you give your mom a detailed explanation on how Holly, Bridget and Kendra became the girls next door.

The moment you finally go to your room after a looong day and your butt finally feels the comfort of your comfy relaxing bed. LQTM

The moment you get in your car, wind blows and you hair gets stuck in the door as you close it!

The moment you’re in a hospital waiting room and the power goes out.

The moment you say goodbye to a pair of shoes (aka throw them because their useful rocking days are over)

The moment everyone is sleeping but you are up and ready, and all you want to do is make noise to wake them all up! 😛