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Life is full of moments.

Some are brief, some are not.

“some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.”
Charles Bukowski, War All the Time

The following are a few of mine:

The moment a woman passes by, you stare at her in awe wondering: how in the world did she get in those jeans that are clearly 6 sizes too small for her!

The moment it’s freezing cold outside and you lay comfy-ly and cozy-ly curled up under a pile of blankets watching TV. Life is good.

The moment you get a blue screen. Scary Stuff.

The moment you try to put on earrings until you realize you are already wearing them.

The moment you read goodbye

The moment you get home, take off your shoes and say ahhh and if you lay in bed and stare at the ceiling double ahhh

The moment you are playing with your phone and you delete all you contacts.

The moment you come home, take off your shoes and say ‘Ahhhhhh’ Pure pleasure moment.

(Two moments about taking off my shoes? I really must love that feeling! :P)

The moment you’re sound asleep but you open your eyes and can’t go back to sleep. I’m up. No one else is..boohoo.

The moment you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office & all you can think of is the content of your next blog post.

The moment you realize this blog post is getting too long. 😀

What are some of your moments?

Whatever they may be don’t forget to enjoy them! 🙂

by Austin Beiv