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The moment you read posts where your favorite bloggers say goodbye and announce the end of their blogs.

No, I’m not saying goodbye, I just had one of those moments.

I’ve been a bad blogger, in the sense that I haven’t found out how to make a commitement to daily blogging like some of the many awesome bloggers in the blogosphere do. And it’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that my life schedule is random and hectic. And I don’t like to blog from my phone (even though this post is the first one fully written on my tiny little phone). I still love the old fashioned experience of sitting, recollecting and typing my thoughts in a calm atmosphere.

I’d love to be posting here on a daily basis but I’ve come to accept that I can’t and I’m content of having the liberty of blogging whenever I can.

I admire the bloggers whose blogs I follow. They’ve put so much time and effort even if they don’t notice. I try to catch up on my blog reads from time to time. I like to read their old posts. It’s like reading a book.

From time to time I read posts of people saying goodbye. Some simply just had it with blogging. Some say they need a break. Some come back and some don’t.

When you read the comments in ‘goodbye/i’ll be back posts’, you read that it’s something that happens frequently, ‘blogger’s block’ I think it’s called.

Don’t you find it weird and amazing how the need to share ourselves comes to an end at some point?
Us humans, we reach out to people. It’s a natural thing. It’s an instinct if you will. But even though we want companionship, there’s always a need for space latent inside you. Don’t know if it’s the time and place (it’s four in the morning, I just woke up and can’t go back to sleep) but I find this fact ironically fascinating.

I suppose that with my random blogging schedule it will be long before I get to the point of feeling the ‘blogger block’. But if I ever get there I hope you, my lovely readers will support and help me snap out of it. I’m counting on you.