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I grew up in a family that doesn’t wash their laundry in public no matter what. It’s a good policy but sometimes it gets to be a little desperate because sometimes you can’t talk about stuff blow off steam with your family and you can’t and must not (if you follow family rules) talk to people about stuff. So you just get stuck with so much to say inside that you overwhelmingly feel “aaaaaargh”. (No word can describe the aaaaaargh feeling ;))

What does this have to do with nail polish and its fumes?  Just had a total Keep calm and paint your nails moment.

Have you had one of those moments?

Like i said, I just did. Got tired of not being able to make my point being seen and understood. So I took some time to recollect myself and instantly grabbed a bottle of a beautiful chartreuse shade (erroneously called lemon green) and a bottle of my fave shade of purple (called dress to impress) and started painting my nails. Well, actually refreshing the first coat of my nails.

As I slowly slided the paint brush on my nails, nail polish fumes tickled my nose like in cartoons. (Remember those cartoons were Goofy gets tickled in the nose by smells?) My nails slowly started to look revamped, shiny and fresh and even though my mind was going a thousand thoughts per second it slowly got mute, and my lips turned from a frown to a smile.

I paint my nails on a regular basis (it’s not only when I’m in a bad mood). No matter how much stress I accumulate during the day it’s the one action that gives me a relaxing effect for some reason I can’t explain.

I have a colorful stash of nail polish bottles. There’s something about looking at them that makes me happy. Can’t say it’s an addiction because my stash is not as big as some real huge collections you see posted on the web. Taking the bag I keep them in and choosing a color get’s me excited about the endless possibilities. It’s my colour therapy of some sorts.

Painting my nails is soothing. No matter how tangled my thoughts can get, just let those colors work their magic on my retinas and those polish fumes do their charm and serenity comes to me.

So my lovely readers please join me and let’s all take a moment to raise our glasses and drink up to those soothing magic bottles of thick powerful and colorful liquid with its strong smelling and stimulating fumes that make this girl a happy camper.

Here, Here!