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Are you watching the 2012 Summer Olympic games?

I’ve been pretty much doing that and quite frankly I’ve been enjoying it.

Of course, my blog couldn’t be left behind and I had to post something about the Summer Olympic games…with a twist. 😛

No my lovelies, this is not your typical olympic sports commentary post, or a hormone-drool infused post about Lochte’s hot and perfect body, it’s about a little realization I had thanks to the XXX Olympiad (who else had bad thoughts after reading the XXX games? Don’t deny it! ha ha ha).

As I was utterly enjoying a Men’s Waterpolo match, I went down memory lane. I’ve always been an in-betweener. All the way through high school I was one of those let’s say neutral students. Got along with the “nerdy” bunch, got along with the “popular” bunch. Can’t say I was friends with anyone from either group. My best friend and I, we stuck like birds of a feather and got along with everyone without actually only belonging to any of those groups.

Then came the college years, and of course Ms. Neutrality got along with everyone without actually only belonging to one specific bunch. Besides, my class schedules were terrible. Some people were lucky to go to class only in the mornings, others in the afternoon and others at night. Not me, I had classes scattered all day long so I really had to get along with many.

I was pretty contempt with my neutrality, I still am. Only that I just realized I wasn’t as neutral as I thought, at least when it comes to my College Dating life.

My first crush was my Biology lab partner. I was such a naïve teenager with him. Never had the guts to look at him straight in the eye. Yes you can laugh, believe me I laugh at this too. In my eyes, he was the cutest most divine creature in the world, even though he wasn’t the greatest lab partner ever. I had to do all the work because he missed classes a lot. Mr. Cutie Pie was a badminton player, and he travelled a lot to play abroad in order to train for the 1996 Summer Olympics. We never dated, I found out years after that he was into me but also never made a move. Oh and yes, he made it to the Olympics in ’96.

Then comes let’s call him: Mr. Pilot. Met him on the dance floor of some college party and we hit it off for a pretty fun while. HA! Mr. Pilot had pretty good moves on the dance floor, in air and in water. Air: he flew small airplanes and used to fly over my apartment on Saturdays so I could go out the balcony and wave (ha ha ha). Water: Mr. Pilot was also a water polo player.

Some time passed and then I fell in love with a racquetball player. By the way, too bad this event is not considered an olympic sport, correct me if i’m wrong but apparently not too many play this for it to be considered an olympic game. Anyway, had a pretty fun time with this particular racquetball player.

And last but not least here comes the Mr. “ball player”.  I actually met him while dating Mr. Racquetball. We were friends for a while, he made his move after I was over anything racquet related! Too bad I never got to see Mr. Ball player in action, because when I met him a knee injury had taken him out of the courts.

Guess Ms. Neutrality wasn’t that neutral after all. Not sure how I managed to date strong sporty muscular dudes, but I did. Go me! teehehe

So my friends, after this walk down memory lane I feel pretty darn good and can firmly and happily say:

someecards.com - I am feeling VERY Olympic today!