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After a couple of young adult reads, this one got me back to my adult reality ha ha ha 😀

Bet On Love by Barbara Witek

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nice short read.
Once again a too perfect love story for my taste, ending is too predictable but it’s an enjoyable read.

*spoiler alert* Plotwise, I would’ve made it longer by letting them go on with the annulment and letting Shelby have the real nice wedding she deserved….just a little humble opinion.

On a personal note, for some reason, I love this line:
“I stepped outside to inhale the warm, dry, summer air and say a little prayer for some guidance on how to handle this next adventure called my life.”

That is how I feel in this point in time: life’s an adventure, you can’t get through it without asking for some guidance…

Bet On Love

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