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I don’t speak portuguese. (Would love to though.)

I definitely DON’T like bachata. (no no no no no not into those latin sounds)


My iPod is full with music from all over the world. I discovered Marisa Monte a while ago, and added her to my Brasileira playlist. Her latest album “O Que Você Quer Saber de Verdade” (What You Really Want To Know) is really cool. I really like it, mostly because in that album I found a song….

A song that makes me sigh….

A song that makes me daydream….

A song that makes me think of YOU (I know who you are, you just don’t know it yet)…..

A song that comes with a video that is ever OH sooooo hot!!!!

I don’t know who Anderson Silva is but my oh my, I wish I could dance with him this song ha ha ha

The song is: Ainda Bem (which according to my online translator would mean something like “I am glad”.

Like I said I’m not into the bachata songs, but this song IMHO is a perfect “bolero/bachata-ish” mix, that I’m dying to dance with THE appropiate dance partner. (wanna dance?) 😉

I don’t need to understand every lyric of this song, I just know that I listen to the first few notes and they instantly get deep inside my soul. I can’t explain it…le sigh

I like this song.

Portuguese English
Ainda bem
Que agora encontrei você
Eu realmente não sei
O que eu fiz pra merecer
Porque ninguém
Dava nada por mim
Quem dava, eu não tava a fim
Até desacreditei
De mim
O meu coração
Já estava acostumado
Com a solidão
Quem diria que a meu lado
Você iria ficar
Você veio pra ficar
Você que me faz feliz
Você que me faz cantar
O meu coração
Já estava aposentado
Sem nenhuma ilusão
Tinha sido maltratado
Tudo se transformou
Agora você chegou
Você que me faz feliz
Você que me faz cantar
I am glad
That I met you now
I really don’t know
What I did to deserve
Because no-one
thought I was worth it
The ones who did, I wasn’t interested
I didn’t even believe
In myself
My heart
Was already used
To loneliness
Who would say that next to me
You would be
You who came to stay
You who makes me happy
You who makes me sing
Like this
My heart
Was already retiring
Without any illusion
It had been mistreated
Everything changed
Now that you’re here
You who makes me happy
You who makes me sing
Like this

p.s. am I the only person in the world who still uses her 4th Gen 20 GB iPod on a daily basis? I know it’s pretty old and heavy but I love my old white iPod!  ha ha ha 😀