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Ok so in her first post she brags all about how she’s always blogging in her mind and how she’s this extraordinaire blogger in the making, yada, yada, yada. And a few posts later (39 published posts, tyvm, I’m proud of that :P), she goes MIA.

So where the H is she?

Is anyone of you lovely readers asking yourselves this?

Have you missed me?

I have. 🙂

I just simply hadn’t had time to blog like I intend to.

I wasn’t going to blog about this, because:

a. it’s boring.

2. it’s pointless

and I don’t want to be pitied.

Anyway, the reason for my MIA-ness is that I have been the primary care taker of a sick family member. If you have ever been in this place, you can understand how your life revolves around your loved one. You have to change your schedule to fit your loved one’s schedule and needs.

I know every shrink and self-help book tells you that it’s important to take a little time in the day to recharge. Even though you’re taking full care of someone else, don’t forget to take time for yourself. I’m aware I should do this. But getting used to my new life schedule has been kinda hectic.

So far my ME time is the few minutes I get to take care of my pet rabbit. Watching that little furry ball run in the garden when I take her out of her hutch is relaxing and fun. Yes, I am a grown woman with a pet rabbit.

Showers are fun and refreshing too. We are not having springy-like weather at all. It feels like summer with the hot temperatures these days. So taking a cold shower is refreshing and revitalizing. Does anyone of you remember the Zest soap tv commercials a while back? They had this ridiculous but catchy song. Well, sometimes after taking a shower I really feel “Zest-sational” LOL.

You know what, that commercial is so cheesy and vintage, that here you go, enjoy 😛

Anyway, back to the point. Where was I?

Yeah, so that’s why you don’t see new posts here.

I know that being a new blogger is what makes me feel the “beginner’s no post” remorse. Hopefully when I get to post 500, this will all be a drop of water over the bridge. 😉

I will try to get blogging in my ME time. I need it. I will do it. At least that’s what the nifty Purdue Magic Eight Ball said about my possible next blog posts.

Evidence A

Evidence B

Now, getting freshly pressed….that’s a whole nother level.

Say what?