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Ok people.

I know, my blog’s been a little abandoned. Life has kept me way too busy for my taste.

Anyway, since this is where I blog the stuff in my brain, one blog post at a time, let me tell you what’s been on my mind (among other things) lately.

We have 4 trees in our backyard, plus the 3 trees in front of our house. I don’t know what’s wrong with nature, spring is supposed to be coming but it looks like autumn out there.  We have huge amounts of leaves. Big leaves, little leaves, medium-sized leaves, you name it. All just laying there on the side-walk and on the lawn, peacefully waiting to be raked and taken elsewhere.

I also recently became the proud owner of a bunny rabbit. She’s an outdoor bunny. We built her a bunny hutch and all. But this post is not about my litol bunny wabbit. Nope. It’s about her poop. LQTM 😀 Yes, people, having a pet bunny makes you the owner of a lot of bunny poop. Well not a lot, but you get the poop, I mean, the point! ha ha ha

So, my mind has been at work.


Bunny Poop.

Leaves + Bunny Poop?

What to do?

Answer: Compost!!!

I’ve always been eco-friendly to some point. I recycle everything that is recyclable. For example, we take the veggie scraps from the kitchen and put them in holes we dig in the pots in the garden, to “feed” our plants. You might say that it’s sort of like composting.

But now, I’ve decided to do it the proper way. So, I started my compost bin. In the bin I’ve got layers of the gazillion leaves we raked, layers of bunny poop, layers of newspapers, layers of eggshells and layers of the organic matter from the kitchen. So now we just have to wait for mother nature to get cooking and hopefully in a few months we’ll have “yummy” food for our plants.

There’s plenty of info on composting on the web. It’s good for the environment. Yes you can compost with bunny poop. Bunnies are herbivores, so their poop is a good source of nitrogen and phosporus, which is great for plants. You can even use the poop like so for the plants, if you don’t want to wait the months it takes for compost to be ready.

So there you have it. This is how I got the leaves and bunny poop overload problem solved! If you want to know more about composting, here’s a little fun video about it. You don’t need a huge garden to start composting! Check it out!

p.s. No, I won’t be putting any worms in my mouth. ewww grosss!

p.p.s. Useless fun fact about this post: I used the word poop 11 times in this post.  😛