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Ah Alanis!

This song brings back great memories. One being the fact that I drank my first beer with a friend while we listened to ironic in the background! But this post is not about memories.

The song is perfect for this post, though.

Life is full of irony. Don’t you think?

For starters, I’m trying to cut back my caffeine intake. Not that I live on caffeine but I think it’s a good thing to detox myself from it…at least for a while. BUT ever since I decided to cut back caffeine it’s all I’ve drunk. Coffee, tea galore. And not because I want to drink caffeine on purpose it’s just that everywhere I go people offer coffee or tea. The weather has been a little cold in these neck of the woods, so what better way to keep yourself warm than coffee or tea? Even the ice cream I get has caffeine. Found a pint of cappuccino ice cream on my fridge. Don’t know who bought it, but it’s there and I won’t let it expire! 😛 Ironic, don’t you think?

Keeping up with this no caffeine deal, I decided to fill my pantry with herbal teas. So today I proudly decide to have a nice warm cup of what I think is decaf tea in the form of Apple & Cinnamon tea. Before I give my soon to be decafed soul and taste buds a try of this lovely and “natural” smelling concoction, I check out the ingredients list. What do I find? An epic decaf tea fail. Ingredients: Black tea, artificial apple and cinnamon flavors! Ironic, don’t you think?

Last year, there was a tragic accident in Chile. An airplane crashed in the ocean killing all the passengers. May they rest in peace. Not all the bodies could be recovered. Some were not found complete. Tragedy. There was this man, whose family was one of the “lucky” families that could recover a body. The government used all of its resources to find this body, gets it out of the bottom of the sea and returns it to the family. The family receives the body, cremated it and decides to have a ceremony and pour the ashes back to the sea. Ironic, don’t you think?

To do lists. I’m a to do lister. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a pen, pencil or whatever writing “contraption” you find to cross off items on to do lists. It’s a great feeling. If you ever made a to do list, you have to admit this. So there you are crossing off things during the day and luckily at the end of the day you have an unreadable piece of paper. You’re done. Not really. You’re never done. Next day starts and you write a new to do list and start the crossing madness all over again. Ironic, don’t you think?

Tuesday. 6AM. I’m still asleep. Phone rings. I sleepily pick up an have this conversation:

Lady: hello, I want to know the price for the brain tac analysis
ME: I’m sorry u dialed the wrong number
Lady: No I didn’t! I’m calling the lab!
ME: No this is not the lab
Lady: Who are you to tell me I am not calling the lab?
Lady hangs up. End of call.

Ironic, don’t you think?

Talking about conversations, had this one with another lady just before Mass outside church:

Lady: You look so thin. Did you lose weight?
ME: Um, no, I haven’t.
Lady: Yes you have. Those pants don’t fit you, they are too lose.
ME:  Um, they’ve always fit this way.
Lady: OK then, you’re fat.

Emphasis on the underline that this was a conversation outside church! Ironic, don’t you think?

Alanis was so right! Life has a funny funny way. It really does.