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Le sigh...

Edward and Bella.

Bella and Edward.

Yes, I’m old enough to confess that I read the Twilight books. Loved the story. Watched and liked the movies too, even though Edward didn’t look like Rob Pattinson in my mind. 😛

Not a Twihard though (hate the word and don’t know how they write it). Not obsessed about it. Edward is the boyfriend I would’ve loved having in high school. He’s not the MAN I want for my happily ever after.

Anyway, this is not about me, nor about the Twilight Saga per se.

They always tell you, never mess with politics or religion.

But I have to break this rule because I don’t get this.

I found this book: Glitter in the sun. A Bible Study Searching for Truth in the Twilight Saga.

Say what?

I’d pay to see Stephenie Meyer‘s face if she saw this.

Bible Study on Twilight? Really?

I don’t get it.

I’m sure the author must be a respectable person in her church/community/etc. Don’t mean to demean her. But really?

Girl falls in love with vampire, has a werewolf best friend, marries the vampire, gives birth to a half human-half vampire baby who almost kills her so her husband vampire turns her into a vampire and they lived soul-less but happily ever after.

What type of religious TRUTH can you find in all that?

It just doesn’t make sense and I guess I’ll never know because I’m not planning on reading this book. Some things are better left untouched….for mental health. At least for mine! 😉