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February 29th is over.

Some people fell to the marketing craziness of some stores who offered 29% discounts or opened the store from midnight. Some enjoyed that. I didn’t. Spending my extra day of the year, spending money on things I don’t really need is not my kind of thing.

I already blogged about the fact we had an extra day this year.

I had no plan for it.

Maybe if I planned it, I would’ve made it a crazy day full of random activities. But I didn’t make any plans. I really was too tired to make plans.

What did I end up doing?

I ended up taking the day to rest, do nothing and recharge.

Well, not that I didn’t do anything because I had to do my whites and delicates, so right in the middle of doing “nothing” I had to wash, dry, fold and put things in drawers. That counts as doing something, right?Ā  šŸ˜‰

I never nap. I can’t nap. Today was the exception, I finally could take a nap in the morning. Woke up from it happy and revitalized. I spent quality time with my mother. I planted a plant I brought home from my trip. Hope it blooms soon. I spent time with my dog and my new bunny rabbit (who by the way, will have to get a name change in the next few days. I’ll blog about this later ha ha). I ate chinese. I caught up on my online reads. I blogged about my day. šŸ˜‰

I recently went through a period of stressful, long days and nights. (Couldn’t sleep not because I was having fun, but because I had to responsibly stay awake.) I really really really needed an extra day to recharge. I’m glad I could spend the day resting and recharging. I love the fact that I did what I felt like doing without any worries. I feel blessed for having this extra day in my life. I feel thankful for being able to stay all day resting and recharging. I am happy at how my extra day turned out.

How ’bout you? What did you do for your extra day?