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I never was an NSync fan. I saw this video last night for the first time. It’s H I L L A R I O U S!!!

Ah the late 90’s!

I love my life. I don’t usually get stuck in the past and miss it. I love to change and evolve according to the times I live. But this video made me think of the little things I miss about the late 90’s:

  • Dancing all night long!  Those were the days!
  • Being able to stay up all night and look fresh in the morning and all through the day!
  • My white Hyundai Excel Hatchback!
  • WBS chatrooms.
  • ICQ
  • Falling in love in the chat rooms and on ICQ ROFLMAO
  • Playing Star Wars Jedi Knight on my Pentium II Desktop! I rocked that game! I kicked ass on Quake too! LOL (remember when Pentium II rocked the world?)
  • But let’s not forget playing Minesweeper for hours and hours of sane entertainment. Ha!
  • Big Butts by Sir Mix Alot or Tubthumping by Chumbawamba ha ha Everyone sang those songs!
  • Roadtrips to Lake Atitlan.
  • Nirvana, Garbage, No Doubt, Savage Garden, The Cranberries, Oasis, Creed, Bush, Radiohead, Soul Asylum, The Verve and Pearl Jam mixed CDs.
  • My Sony La Fiesta CD Player ( I still have this one, it works but haven’t used it in ages)
  • The “Dolly the sheep thingy” that jumped up and down your computer screen. LOL
  • Finally getting cable in my college apartment to watch reruns of Friends and catch up to what I had missed.
  • My apartment! Great place! Sad to have left it!
  • Happy College days…don’t miss the bad days…who does?
  • Getting invited to see Titanic 7 times. No I wasn’t a fan of the movie, but everyone kept inviting me to watch that movie only. They were the freaks! ha ha ha

I’m sure there are more things I miss about the late 90’s. These were the ones that came up now.

How ’bout you? what do you miss about the late 90’s.

p.s. One thing for sure I DON’T miss is fashion. So glad grunge died. 😛