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For my second French Toast Sunday (FTS) I decided to go again with the Fluffy French Toast recipe but this time with a twist. Instead of milk I used eggnog. I know I’m not inventing black thread here, I suppose the recipe is already out there. It’s just that I opened the fridge, saw the eggnog bottle and decided to try it out. Life is full of possibilities, right?


Anyway, for the recipe check out my Fluffy French Toast post, and remember instead of milk, add eggnog. 😉

I served them with slices of peach and apple, couple teaspoons of strawberry marmalade and of course drizzled them with honey. I tried one piece without anything to check out the flavor and yes, the eggnog gives the French toast a different “eggnogy”  flavor, very subtle, but yes you can taste it.

So Yummy!

I know from the photo some might see the toast slightly overcooked. It looked like that but it wasn’t. Must confess the heat on my stove top was on high (oops!) and I guess that the double egg in the recipe (egg from the recipe and eggs in the eggnog) plus the flour gave it the color it turned out when cooked. But the result was very toasty on the outside and warm, flavored and soft on the inside.

As for the overall result: Delicious as was expected! 😛 The peach, apple, strawberry and honey fusion of flavors was scrumptious. I’m sure this dish will become one of my trademark Christmas breakfasts in the future.

À dimanche.