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Today is Monday.
Yesterday was Sunday.
Tomorrow will be Tuesday.
Date: February 6th, 2012

What you read above is how I had to start everyday back in the third grade! 😀 I still remember! We arrived at school, and at the ring of the bell we had to open our notebooks and write our “Today is” that’s how we called it. (awww the memories!)

Anyway, today is Monday…today was a Manic Monday. It was one of those days were you had to do a billion little things, you did a million yet you feel like you did nothing! And to top it all, I may have to travel this week, so in the midst of tons of things to do, I have to add to get ready for a trip and leave tons of stuff made for when I’m not here.

I didn’t get to see the Super Bowl game and half time show yesterday. I still haven’t seen Madonna’s show on YouTube LOL but one thing that kept me going today was this:

I found it on twitter. And I’m so glad I did!

This little “gify” piece of nonsense that I share with you makes me laugh, makes me smile, and reminded me to just dance and keep on going.