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The famous lists of things to do before 20,30,40,50,60, etc….before you die.

Do you have one?

I’m a fan of to do lists….but that’s a whole different topic for another blog post.

Let’s concentrate on the things to do before “whatever” lists.

I find the “before ______” part pointless…why put yourself a deadline?

What if you don’t make it before the deadline?
Are you going to be unhappy because you didn’t do everything on the list before you thought you would?
Isn’t life hard enough to be limiting your happiness and/or peace of mind to a list of things to do before some time frame?

Don’t get me wrong, like I said I love lists.
But in this case, instead of a “things to do before whatever” list, I’d rather call it a List of Possibilities. List of things I’d love to do, which won’t define my happiness or my sense of accomplishment in life. Things that would be a plus in my daily life, but won’t define it. That’s more like it.