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As God is my witness, I WILL get married in an Elie Saab gown!

Paris, the city of love, great food and fashion witnessed the magnificent, flawless, dreamy, feminine, sparkly, flowy, divine, stunning and utterly perfect Haute Couture Spring 2012 Collection by the one and only Elie Saab.

J’adore Elie Saab. I can’t stop watching this collection. 44 dresses, and I can’t pick just one as my favorite. I love them all. I want them all! Gowns, shoes, makeup….EVERYTHING!! 😀

I heard choirs of angels when I saw the really big photos of this collection. Seriously people, if you didn’t check out the link I gave you above, click the image below.

Click to see them in full size! go on! click click click!

They even look gorgeous in little pics!

And if you’re an Elie Saab fan like me, take a kleenex because you will drool.

Elie Saab = Pure Genius in my book!