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The show is over.  That’s all folks! Heidi and Seal no more.

I really don’t get all the fuss the media is making on the Heidi and Seal split. I’ve read the word “shock” all over. Why should we feel that way? I am not shocked. It was something expected. I’m surprised their marriage lasted that long.

I mean “annual vow renewal ceremonies”? Ok, yeah the hopeless romantic in me kinda likes the idea. But if I were to do it, I would definitely, emphasis on definitely, wouldn’t do it so publicly, the way Heidi and Seal did it.

If I was going to renew my vows with my other half annually, monthly, daily, it would be a thing between the two of us. If we wanted to go to a deserted island and do it, we wouldn’t have to shove it on everyone’s face and call the paparazzi to take “candid” photos of the moment. Our love is ours, and what we promise each other should stay between us. It’s a deal our hearts and souls make.

The thing with celebrities is that they say they just want to live a normal life but they don’t actually do it. They say they hate paparazzi but the minute the cameras stop following them, their PR people have to justify their salaries so they hook them up with some sort of gig to get their attention back. (No offense to the pr peeps in showbiz.)

If you wanted to be a big shot celebrity, don’t tell me you just wanted to be one and be left alone by the media. You need the media, period. They are the ones that give you the big shot in your “big shot celebrity” title.

The paper said Heidi left Seal because she couldn’t deal with his temper. I wonder how much time they really spent together in these 7 years of their very public and photographed “wedded bliss”. I mean she supposedly works her Victoria Secret tush off with her “reality” show, endorsements and whatever model stuff she does and he tours around the world. So how come after 7 years you suddenly realize that you can’t stand this person you’ve been worshiping publicly?

On the other hand, Seal hasn’t said a bad thing about her or any real reason for the split. Kudos for him and his PR people. You should never say anything bad about your significant other in public. But isn’t it a little too fishy that he releases a new album the day after the split is announced?  Their press release said that they wanted their privacy to be respected. Yet Seal starts a media tour. Is he expecting no questions on his divorce? Blah!

Celebs! You must not waste your time in trying to get them!

Heidi and Seal Halloween Costume Eve and the apple

Can you blame them?

From running from a marriage like this?

Celebrity marriages are sadly destined to end sooner or later. Those that have lasted are those that have managed to put a sane wall between their “famousness” and their real personality. Not many can make it. It must be hard for them not to become addicted to their make pretend world.

Real life marriages are hard work. You really have to put all you’ve got to make it work. Those that don’t make it have valid reasons. Although, I’ve seen real people divorce over the fact that one spouse made a mess with the toothpaste in the bathroom. Valid reason or not, you be the judge.

My parents just had their 35th wedding anniversary. Yay mom and dad!

No, their marriage has not been perfect. They are human, not gods. But these two have been a real example for me on how to be there for each other in good times and bad times, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

  • They’ve taught me that even though you may sometimes lose your temper and at times you may lose your patience, what you must never lose is respect for one another.
  • They’ve taught me that loving someone, becoming one doesn’t mean you have to lose your individuality.
  • They’ve taught me that when times get rough, you must turn to Almighty God, for He is the only one who can give you the grace, strength, will, peace of mind and courage to keep going on.
  • They’ve taught me that responsibility is an important value in marriage.
  • They’ve taught me that family always comes first.
  • They’ve taught me to never argue in front of the children.
  • They’ve taught me that it takes two to be married for 35 years.

Thank you mom and dad for your lessons.

Thank God you are not celebrities!

Thank you for keeping it real and making it work!

I’m pretty sure I’ve learned more things about marriage from my parents. But in the meantime I’ll have to quote Seal’s Tweet by saying: The End.