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Typing Image via photopin

Can you hear the typing sound?

Ok. So here I am. Finally.

Yes, finally. I’ve been one of those mind bloggers for quite some time now.

Thought a lot about going online with those thoughts, but if you think too much then you get discouraged. I mean, I’ve seen that for some, blogging turns into a big responsibility.

So I took it to micro-blogging for a while (Twitter).
Been sharing my thoughts and opinions in 140 characters or less.

It’s been fun, and now as the new year began, I’m getting the blogging fever once again.

So, here I go.

This post marks my beginnings in the blogosphere.

I hereby declare the Bloggeretterized blog open for Blogging!

photo credit: Annette + Powerbook + Teh Interwebz via photopin (license)